Mandarin Curriculum

The tone of Piedmont Language School’s classes is having fun with the language, and the goal is to instill a love of learning Mandarin, an accent and an ear. 

Intro to Mandarin

This Introduction to Mandarin class for beginners and our youngest students (TK-K ages). This class lays a fun foundation for learning at the higher levels. A textbook is not used at this level; the teacher teaches in themes primarily using crafts, rhymes, storytelling and games to engage students. Some of the themes explored in this class are Myself, My Family and My Friends. The idea is for students to get a feel for the language, and to immerse in the spoken language, without being conscious of the fact that they are learning.

There is no formal homework though videos and worksheets are at times used as homework.

Mandarin 1, 2 and 3 Classes

Join PLS to further develop and practice your conversational Chinese skills. Classes will be small to ensure abundant opportunity for each student to work on their conversational skills. Each week will have a theme to guide conversations, and we will use online support from Chinese Wonderland as well as a combination of PowerPoint (PPT) + YouTube in teaching.